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Lost World Overland.

Lost World Overland specializes in Overland and Expedition tours for owners of 4x4 vehicles throughout Europe and Beyond in which we are proud to offer a range of exciting overland family friendly tours with a forever updating list of new destinations and adventures.

Overland and Expedition travel does not always mean offroad but using our vehicle to travel allowing us to explore areas that many others just pass by, off the beaten track, using where possible the network of trails, tracks and unmade roads to visit them out of the way places.

We aim to make our tours a relaxing Overland adventure, together with a group of other overland enthusiasts in small groups, and accompanied by a support vehicle, we follow the most stunning routes, stay in charming, camping location, and savour the local culture, events, attractions and food. Our tours have been carefully designed to take you beyond the guidebook, for a real insight into a country or region, thanks to the experience & knowledge that we have gained through many years of traveling. The intimate group size allows us to visit places often inaccessible to others along with more camaraderie with your fellow tour participants,

The Alpine Military Route.

The Alps Military route - One of our original and very popular tours, we meet on the Saturday night at a campsite near Sospel in the Southern Alps, after an evening of introductions with the group we our ready to start our tour on the Sunday morning where we will spend 7 days finishing on the following Saturday around mid-day, our route will take us along lost trails following part of the old military route as we head north, passing abandoned forts and gun emplacements perked high in the mountains. This truly is a spectacular tour of the hidden areas within the Alpine Mountains.

The Alpine Military Overland Adventure 4x4 tour is organised and run by Lost World Adventures as a guided tag along overland expedition tour for owners of 4x4 vehicles through the amazing Alpine Mountains, following the old famous military route criss crossing the border between France and Italy and climbing to the highest point possible in Europe with a 4x4, 10,000ft.

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Lost World Adventures.

Overland Expeditions for owners of 4x4 vehicles.

Lost World Adventures since 2010 has been providing guided overland expedition tours for owners of 4x4 vehicles in the UK, Europe and Beyond. Using the network of trails and tracks throughout Europe and traveling in small groups we cover many types of terrain guiding you along long lost forgotten trails, seeing scenery that others just pass by, through ancient landscapes. Over rolling, open downland to and through secluded valleys, mountain pistes and woods, following the same routes used since prehistoric times by travelers, herdsmen, smugglers and soldiers.

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